I don’t want people to read this. “Honestly” !!!

It's 3 AM here....

The actual reason is your vested interest. But you sounds like you are giving an opportunity to others.

The actual reason is your EGO. But you cover it up with your Anger.

The actual reason is the peer pressure and your addiction to a lifestyle. But you rationalize on how your dreams are not possible.

The actual reason is that you don’t know. But you appear to be very confident because you always want to be right.

The actual reason is that you don’t have a plan to repay the debt. But you promise them with a repayment date.

The actual reason is that you want to be respected and treated like her.But you tell that you are interested in that job, which she is also doing.

There is a person deep inside you that knows these actual reasons, but you won’t allow him/her. That person is called HONESTY.

If there is one thing that can change your life today, that is “Honesty”. It looks very simple and almost cliché to hear this. But, it took me years to realize the actual meaning of it. When you start being honest with yourself and with people around you, you will get solutions to lot of dilemmas that you face daily and you will be at ease with yourself.

The moment you start being honest, you feel very uncomfortable but highly satisfied and confident.

You may be the richest person on earth, you may be the smartest person in the room, you may be the most qualified professional for that job, you may be the fittest person in the lot, you may be an all-time great at something but if you don’t have HONESTY, then you will live and die as a looser, whom that only you know.

I don’t want to die as a looser! What about you ?How much dishonest are you in your life?


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