What 2016 taught me from Running ,Travelling, career…..

I can say that 2016 is the year that introduced me to new paths, to incredible people and taught me lessons that will help me to take wise decisions in 2017.I always feel very happy to share the lessons that I have learned it in a hard way.

The below are my new paths that I have followed & my experiences in 2016 and the lessons learned from them.

  1. Running: In the month of February, I realized that I put on weight (76 kgs) which is significantly above the limit (65 kgs) for my height and age. I also noted that I was down with illness very frequently in 2015 which forced me to take almost 30 sick leaves. After giving a deep thought, I understood that my highest priority in life is Health and fitness. So, I was determined to make my self fit and reduce my sick leaves to ZERO.

As I am good at sports since childhood, I choose to run to reduce my fat and improve my health. I started running regularly from the month of April and ran around 670 kms by the end of the year. This includes 3 half marathons in which one is an official race.

Result:  Sick leaves taken in 2016 : 1nos; Current Weight : 64 Kgs

Running made me a morning person and imparted me with a new skill : patience. It became a stress coping mechanism for me when I am depressed or feeling alone. After every run, I feel refreshed and energized mentally to face the problems at hand.

Start one thing this year that makes you physically fit and mentally energizing. Because, your body and mind are the only things that will be with you till the end.

                              Completed Prestigious Airtel’s Hyderabad Half-Marathon


  1. Travelling: I planned to travel to one of the south east Asian country in 2016 but I ended up travelling to three of the most beautiful places of India : Shimla, Rishikesh and Chikmagalur.

We travelled to shimla & Rishikesh (northern part of India) on a 5 day trip and to chikmagalur (southern India-western Ghats) on a 5 day-1000 kms bike trip.

The number one realization to me from my 2016 travel is that the Nature is far superior, beautiful and intellectual than Man. A man’s relation to the nature is inexplicable : you will feel it when you are in the lap of nature. This year’s travel challenged my beliefs and reminded me to be more generous ,helpful & kind .

I felt that the Unwanted human emotions such as anger, fear, hatred etc.. are minuscule before the grandness of nature.

A detailed article on my travel will be posted shortly.

“Bike trip from Bangalore to Chikmagalur,Karnataka”


River Ganga in Rishikesh

River Ganga in Rishikesh,Uttarakhand


" Chikmagalur- A scenic beauty"

” Chikmagalur- A scenic beauty”


  1. Writing:

I damn enjoy to write articles and share my experiences & my learning through my blog . This gives me a lot of satisfaction and peace. In 2016, I have ignored writing articles for the daily routine : job, workouts etc.. . Looking back, this is the biggest mistake that i have done in 2016 : forsaking inner peace and getting carried away by the routine.

Do one thing daily that gives you inner peace and satisfaction. It may be writing, helping others, reading, gardening etc… These are the activities that brings balance in your life and saves you from the rat race. 

  1. Profession: In the process of exploring my own curiosity and in amidst of a chaotic situation in my career, I have taken a decision to shift my career in to a highly technical and mathematically challenging field.

For this, I took a gap , self-taught the required skill, showed up myself to the industry and won a job in the field that I wanted to be in. Now,I am incredibly curious in this field and enjoying every moment.

This gave me an immense confidence, satisfaction and hope.

We all can manage a chaotic situation and come out of it, if we believe in our ability, follow our instinct and take action.  

Let the world travel in a different direction, you just follow your instinct without any fear and pave your own path. 

  1. Relationships: After seeing many dimensions in my relationship with family, friends & relatives, I have decided to change my approach in 2017 towards any relationship. I have decided to do the below changes in my relationships:

a. Just Help others without any expectations. Use your skills, experiences and information to help others with in your capacity.

b. Don’t spend much time with people, whom you can’t depend on when you are down. Gracefully avoid meeting them. But, extend your hands when they specifically require your help.

c. Make your interaction meaningful when you meet anyone. Don’t be in a conversation in which worries and complaints about things & persons are dumped. Your perceptions, your feelings and your opinions won’t solve any problem. Instead, help others to come out of their worries and live peacefully.

Shut off all your expectations and just help people in need and form a meaningful relationships .You will be peaceful than ever before.

What is your greatest learning in 2016? Share below in the comments.

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