30 one-liners everyone should read before age 30

Many thoughts,Many dilemmas in life but don't forget that the human being is the greatest fighter on this earth.
  1. Consistency always wins over speed and gives peace. Don’t get fooled by the outside world who always appears to appreciate speed.
  2. Whomever they might be, Avoid jealousy, short tempered and moody people from your life. You will move in the right direction for sure.
  3. Never letdown anyone financially even he/she is your enemy.
  4. Give others at least 2 chances to change.
  5. If you want to break the rules and challenge the status quo, then you have to be much more disciplined and emotionally balanced in life. Otherwise, you will pay a heavy prize.
  6. Don’t comment on a hard worker. If you are doing so, you are wasting your time & energy though your criticism is logically right.
  7. If you are addicted to facebook or constantly checking Whatsapp, then it Is a sign that you are clueless with your life.
  8. Love someone but don’t get attached to them. Attachment will always bring you misery.
  9. Sex is not a bad idea. Enjoy it within the limits.
  10. When you want to achieve big goals then collaborate with people and be with the likeminded people.
  11. Food in excess is a slow poison. Know your intake limits.
  12. Always make sure that you are doing things that challenges your physical and intellectual capability. Otherwise, your professional life and personal happiness will be in someone’s hands.
  13. Don’t be a tourist, you will be wasting your time. Become a Traveler.
  14. You may not become super rich in life or may not appear to be successful but looking back at your life, experiences and winning over your fears counts at the end of your day. So, don’t think that success and money will make your life complete. Memories and Experiences matter a lot.
  15. How much smart you are, Pain is inevitable in all walks of your life but suffering is optional.
  16. Use anger intelligently to avoid unnecessary stuff in life. Nothing wrong being anger for a moment. But, being anger should be for a good intention and for a win-win situation.
  17. Simplicity (in appearance & in thoughts) in your life is inversely proportional to selfishness. The less selfish you are the more simple your life becomes.
  18. Fools misunderstands this statement: “Money is not important in life”.
  19. Before marrying a girl, know about her father once. Before marrying a boy, know about how he treats his mother.
  20. Have an unconventional path in the initial stages of your career: Shift, Jump, and fall, get back, learn, dream.
  21. There is a difference between stubbornness and persistence .If you don’t know this difference, then you constantly make a fool out of yourself.
  22. Don’t help others with an expectation. They will become a baggage to you later.
  23. Have a mentor. He saves you in the right time.
  24. Sometimes, life sucks and makes you to kneel down on your feet. Don’t worry. What you need to do is to just keep going with discipline.
  25. Talk to your Mother regularly.
  26. Health & Fitness should be the most important thing to you. Anything should come as secondary. You will learn this for sure at some point in life. Better understand it now.
  27. “Fear of failure” has occupied almost every corner of your life. Throw it off now.
  28. What you are doing with the money that you are earning will define the quality of your life and thoughts.
  29. If you don’t know when to quit your business or if you are not strong enough to come out of a bad relationship (cheating husband/ abusing wife/ jealous friend etc…) , then you are going to cause lot of trouble to the people around you.
  30. If you don’t know anything, just say “ I don’t know” to others. But, don’t try to some how manage to answer by saying ” I think..”, “I believe..” etc..




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