21@5 Challenge : Day7

Very true and i love to have this Lifestyle.
  1. Wake up at 5:00 am
  2.  Number of hours slept :  4.5 Hrs (night)
  3. Motivation factor to wake up :  a)  professional work.
  4.  Thoughts in mind related to the challenge : Not getting sufficient sleep at night. I should have to go to bed a bit early.
  5. I Felt very difficult to wake up today as i didn’t have a sufficient sleep at night. So, i skipped my workout.

2 Comments on 21@5 Challenge : Day7

  1. Go to bed earlier!! Humans need 8-10 hours of sleep. What is your goal? Because sleep deprivation is NOT a good thing. I love your posts and I understand getting up earlier, I am up everyday at 4:30 am, but one cannot lose hours and both ends of the day and still be productive. Sadly, this is going to catch up with you.

    • Hi DeAnn,

      Thank you very much for your suggestion. Yes, humans need sleep. My goal behind this challenge is to align myself to wake up by 5 am. I am pulling few hours from the morning to have sufficient sleep. It takes some unproductive days but once i started to go to bed at least by 10:30 PM, which is 12:30 AM now i don’t sleep in the day time which will give me some productive hours during the day.This is the main idea behind this challenge : to align myself to wake up by 5 am. I am also paying attention to my body , if it is asking for rest, then i am not hesitating to sleep during the day and to skip my workouts. To wake up at 5am in the morning is fixed.Once i get used to this habit, then i slowly concentrate on the productivity. One step at a time.

      On the other hand, i am posting here an interesting video on sleep.
      It may find your interest : Revolutionary thought on sleep

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