Wake up at 5 AM for 21 days : My 21@5 Challenge

I have lot aspirations in life and a passion to experience the life completely. I experienced that waking up early in the morning gives me a lot of time  and psychological edge to live the life that i wanted.

But over the years i become so irregular with it . In result, i couldn’t able to live my life completely and struggling to allocate my time to all the activities & responsibilities in my life.

I have tried many ways to regularize the habit of  waking up in the morning. But it doesn’t work.

But, i wanted to join the 5 AM club to live a life that i wanted.

So, i am taking up a challenge to start my day at 5 AM  for 21 days. I call this as 21@5 challenge.

These 21 days are going to be really challenging to me, as it involves hectic Travelling,  long working hours and tough professional targets to reach.

21@5 challenge starts from tomorrow : 22nd March, 2016.

Every day i post my update here on my 21@5 challenge. Please do follow my challenge : sign up in the home page , like , comment.

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  1. I wish you all the best Ravi.

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