Feeling Down? Just one way to Pick Yourself Back Up!

Feeling tired, getting bored, getting demotivated and loosing hope are the common hindrances many of us face while reaching our goals. There might be because of many reasons such as constant financial pressure, temporary illness, consecutive failures or relationship issues . We will never have our dream life , if we get carried away by these hindrances. Here is a basic idea that I will give you on how to come out of this mud and be on track again with in very less time! There might be a lot of ideas that helps you to kick back but here I am only giving you an idea that helps you in a short time.

This basic idea is to have a “stimulating thoughts”.

When you face the above said hindrances then just take a break .After taking a break, don’t immediately try to jump on what you are working on. Instead, try to have some thoughts which gives you a sense that you are playing a bigger game in your life and you are doing some work which is world changing . Have thoughts that reminds your initial energetic thought process at the starting of your goal. Have thoughts that reminds you how your goal can impact the industry you are working on. Have thoughts that reminds you how differently you are thinking in life and how much you are fighting against the destiny.

These thoughts I call as “stimulating thoughts”. These thoughts can instantly bring you the amount of curiosity and the energy you need to catch up with your work and to reach your goals.

How can you trigger these “stimulating thoughts” ?

  1. The best way to get these stimulating thoughts is to have a conversation over a coffee with a friend, who is also working passionately to reach his goal.
  2. To watch a video or to watch a movie that shows you a case on how a person like you achieved success, video that shows you how a daily life of a person, whom you dream of looks like. Just One character can have a power to instantly pump you up.
  3. Share your blog post, share your art or share what you truly care of (May be creating an animated video on environment protection and sharing with your friends),
  4. Read or watch biographies /Auto-biographies of larger than life personalities.
  5. Listen to the talks of your spiritual gurus.
  6. Go for a Run.

You may find many other ways in this direction . Identify them. The point here is to identify ways that triggers stimulating thoughts in you that helps you to come on track of reaching your goal in a very short time. Experience the power of stimulating thoughts .

Don’t stop, move on.

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