Give an interesting fight in life : 5 things you should start doing now

I realized a fact about humans, after i closely observed many people over the years : Every person has a unique talent , Every person is good at something and every one has an ability to be successful. But many people won’t be successful and are not happy with their life.So, i have done a good amount of research and identified five key practices , that can bring fulfillment and success in life (especially in professional life). Go ahead and start implement these five things today to get the success that you are looking for.

  1. Go to the roots of the problem and work on it : I will explain this with a small example. If you are not interested on your job, then finding ways ( watching motivational videos, getting inspired by someone etc..) that makes you to keep moving won’t work . Do you want a  motivational talk  to spend some time on Facebook or to watch a movie? No. So, the problem is not that you lack of motivation.But the problem is that you couldn’t able to generate interest with in yourself. So, understand this root cause and try to  generate the required interest to do your daily job. One of the best way to generate a genuine interest in whatever you are doing is to set a big goals in life or to set a purpose in life.
  2.  Give 100% in whatever you are doing now without fantasizing about the outcome :  I will take a common scenario to explain this.When you are preparing for a job interview understand the requirement of the employer , prepare accordingly and in the interview, convey them how you can help the company. Give your best efforts in your preparation. Instead of doing this, some people dream of getting the job , start thinking on how to spend their salary and dream of their days at new office. Even, you get a job or not , you should constantly deliver your best to be successful in life.Life is a constant battle.Understand this and Don’t fantasize the future.Just give 100% efforts in the present.
  3.  Have a burning desire in Life : Without burning desire there will not be any commitment in whatever you are doing now. There is a high chance of getting deviated from good life and move towards unproductive life & indulge in bad habits such as drinking,smoking, addiction to TV, over sleeping , over eating etc.. This happens in life even without knowing to yourself. So, have a burning desire. The constant burning desire that you should have is , “I want to do something in life”. Every moment, recite it like a mantra: “I want to do  something in life”.
  4. Take conscious decision and don’t look back after taking the decision  : In  99% situations, people take unconscious decisions which costs them time & money in the future. Mostly, Unconscious decisions happen when you blindly follow a crowd or a proven path or you don’t have a clarity on yourself.  Take a moment in your life and understand what is happening around you. Analyse the situation, know your strengths , understand what you are good at & curios about, look for the options before you , pick a valuable option that suits your personality , think twice (no problem) and take a decision to pursue it.  This is how you take a conscious decision. Then, Don’t look back after taking the decision. Travel the path created by your decision and explore the way.  Note:  knowing the fact that “you don’t have clarity”  also helps you to take better decisions.
  5. Take care of your body : If you want your mind to function well then you should concentrate on your body.There is no other option. Lord Buddha told this 2500 years back. So, do exercise regularly. Don’t load your body with toxic foods.

Your life will be much better and your probability of success will be improved once you start doing the above things in life. Bring out your unique talents and be successful.

Have a desire to do positive things in life,

Have a desire to do energetic things in life,

Have a desire to do something in life… All the best

I care for your opinion. Share below in the comments..

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