“Only that Information”- One radical idea in this internet age

Internet is there to give you the abundant information , to get connected to the people personally & through your work and make your life convenient by optimizing your needs. We should use the internet for getting the information we want which is required for us , to get connected to the people who are in our personal & professional circles , share our work using internet to help others and do all our work (bill payment/e-commerce) online to save our time. Internet should make us smart, should improve our wisdom and Intelligence.

But, how many of us are improving our intelligence using internet?

The fact is that we are only doing the above mentioned activities in the half of the time that we spent on the internet. In the remaining half, we are carried away by the unnecessary information. We load our self with lot of information by thinking to become knowledgeable. But, this information overload is highly unproductive work. Because, lot of information we consume on the internet may not be much useful to us in improving our intelligence . Learning many things and knowing lot of information won’t improve our intelligence but knowing few information deeply do.

Just  clicking the link on the internet that is tickling your instant curiosity , will only rob your time.

knowing which”information”  you want on the Internet:

You can know which information you want by understanding yourself, by having awareness on your life goals , by observing the physical world around you and by paying attention to every detail in your life (circumstances/ emotions/success ,failures etc..).Then you develops a genuine curiosity, you get many questions and your mind seeks answers to those questions . Now, search for the information to find the answers to those questions .

You will understand where you need to improve yourself , when you get to know about you. Then find the information on the internet that helps you to improve yourself.

The basic idea behind this is to save the time that we spent on the internet (constantly checking mails, visiting social networking sites frequently , clicking every youtube video etc..)  by not getting carried away with the unnecessary  information, which is actually not much helpful to us. We can be much productive, If we save the time on the internet.If we are productive at work then we can get more time to spend with family & friends and to spend on improving our health. Understand that each minute you are wasting on the internet by getting carried away with the information overload, is the time you are loosing to spend on the most necessary things to you.

Think about this, before you use the internet next time. Do you?

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