8 realizations while i am enjoying a holiday at GOA,India

Few months back i have visited GOA with my family and few other friends.I have enjoyed each and every minute of my time at GOA : be it a morning jog besides the beach, swimming at the pool, exploring GOA along with my wife on bike and a late night drinks at the beach.

I have paid attention to these experiences and realized few things which made me a bit wiser in life.In this notoriously confusing world where many youngsters get attracted to the rat race, these realizations may save them from being trapped in life.

  1. Freedom is King: What ever you do in life, you should be in a position to enjoy the freedom to spend some time with yourself and with your loved ones.If you are not having time to read the books you want to, visit places you dreamed of and learn that new language you always love to,  then you are not living but you are just surviving. Being part of an environment which constantly creates the worry about leaves, H1B VISA and performance rating, is not a life which every youngster should live with. Never get convinced with this lifestyle.Because, you won’t have much to say about it in future.Don’t get slave to your fantasy’s such as going to US, having BMW , proving to the society who you are etc…Don’t worry , eventually these things will happen.As of now, just Pay more attention to the present.  Having freedom in life while managing financial obligations will not happen overnight and it will take some time. So, start today.Pickup skills so that you can stand on your own feet.Work hard now to get this freedom.DSC_0549
  2. Experiences are unforgettable  : A wonderful life is all about creating wonderful experience to you first and fabulous experiences to the people whom you care about. When ever you are in a dilemma, pick up the path that gives you cherishing experience. Don’t hesitate to spend your resources on the experiences. Recollecting all the experiences is a pleasure in the future.So, have some experiences and make them beautiful.
  3. Fitness builds attitude : The process of attaining & maintaining your fitness (by jogging/swimming etc..) builds your attitude. Over the period of time it develops grit and perseverance in you.You will become a proactive person rather than reactive.
  4. Relationship is a solo game: Always keep your relationship issues with yourself. You only can understand your better half and makes your relationship beautiful. Exploring new places along with your better half gets you to know new thing about her/him.
  5. Patience is a catalyst : Have tons& tons of this.Patience and peace will generate a lot of happiness in your life than you can imagine. Patience, forgiveness, listening to people and understanding other’s emotions are damn important things in Life. You can only realize this fact once you start following it.
  6. Be always inquisitive and enthusiastic at any given situation in Life : be it in failure or in adversity. Because your inquisitive nature weeds out fear in you and helps you to see life as it is.
  7. There are lot of interesting things happened and existed in this world. Lot to be explored and learned. Visiting historical artifacts  & cultural places  which are at the lap of the nature gives you serenity and makes you to understand humanity. Serenity,peacefulness and humanity can give lot of happiness.Try to get this man!!!!DSC_0053
  8. “Giving” is an anti depression medicine. It also elevates your mood and makes you to feel good about yourself. Frequently, give to the people who are in need. DSC_0274 (2)


Read these 8nthings twice to make sure you understand the applications of these 8 things in your life. Pay attention to your feelings when you will be on your next holiday. Because, You may also realize few beautiful things that helps you to enjoy life to the fullest. Share your thoughts and experiences below in the comments..

Have a simple & beautiful life ahead…

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