One thing that makes your life interesting for sure

In many cases people’s life is always predictable : good Education , better job, marriage , buying car,having children, buying home , children’s education and plan for the future. Can anyone watch a movie where the protagonist leads a life like mentioned above without any twists, lows and without the acts of valiance? No one wants to watch a movie like this but they live a life like thhis. What an irony !

Many people’s life stories are so boring : job, marriage, children, buying home, future plans, retirement and the end. Our society and parents have very strongly influenced people’s minds to follow this well trodden path. People won’t even dare to think of other ways to live their life.

How to live a life which is interesting and makes you to standout of the crowd?

My answer is simple : Take your own decisions in your life.

Think with your own mind, constantly challenge the conventional beliefs, don’t get carried away by other’s opinion,  analyse the options that are best suited to you , take your own decisions and enjoy the ups& downs of life.

When you start taking your own decisions then you start appreciating how interesting your life is. There will be no boredom, each day is different and your brain works on interesting things. At certain point in your life , your capabilities as a human is unreachable by people around you who slogs in their life by following conventional beliefs and by copying other’s careers.

Believe in the power of “taking your own decisions”.

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