10 things you should know to be joyful in 2016 – Job, Travel ,Relationships

Have a joyful 2016

The year of 2015 has given me enormous wisdom and insights in to LIFE that i have never got till now. Looking back at the year, i am so glad that i kept my curiosity alive and still digging deep in to Life. I am very happy and satisfied as the year 2015 made me to be more evolved and given me enough strength to face 2016. I want to share with you, 10 life lessons which i have learned .I have learned this lessons by doing some things right and by doing somethings wrong.But I didn’t just talk and complain about the Life.Instead i just kept moving by taking action and acted up on life. The below ten things will help the young people to enjoy their life and not get fallen in the trap of the wrong definition of success that the society has created.

  1. Travel alone to a place where you have never been to. It makes you to understand yourself better and improves your self-confidence. You will have time and opportunity to meet people and make them friends. Travelling alone gives you the freedom to explore the place at your will. Finally, it gives you a life time experience, which you always feel happy when you look back at it.
  1. If you feel like you are doing slavery at your job, then you should come out of it. Don’t keep on complaining about your bad job. Complaining is of no use and over the time it slowly makes you indecisive person. Instead of complaining and talking constantly about your plight, take action. Take a decision and come out of the job. Sometimes, you may find that your condition has not changed much even after joining another job. But taking action and keep fighting in life is far better than indecision and complaining. So, don’t get dejected and don’t lose hope. Keep on looking for the work that you love. Don’t settle. Society has stopped you enough with the terms such as career building, six figure salary, financial security etc.. The best way to find the work that you love is to try different things (even that means changing jobs), learn new skills, meet people and be disciplined. Even though the results are not coming, you feel confident by looking at how you are not giving up and still fighting rather than slogging in that old job and keep complaining. Leave timid souls and be courageous. Keep fighting.
  1. Be bold at your work. When you identify that the project won’t work then tell your opinion boldly be it to your manager or CEO. Remember that, you are not working to please your boss but you are working for the company. Being bold will ultimately weed out unworthy people from your life and makes you to do high quality work. Your job is an opportunity to serve this world. So, don’t compromise at your work , just for the sake of promotions or salary hikes.
  1. If you have decided to share your life with someone (getting married/live in relationship), then you have to understand that you are entering in to a commitment. There will be few changes in your life as the result of commitment towards your relationship. Besides your own career & interests, you should spend some time with your partner and share her or his interests. Especially, initial years are crucial as your partner develops an opinion about the relationship. Remember these two things : 1) Money up to some extent and time up to large extent will indirectly impact the relationship. So a minimum amount of money and a little bit more of your time is required for your relationship to blossom. 2) whatever emotion you put in to the relationship, it will come back to you . So, choose your emotions carefully in your relationship.
  1. Be consistent with your habits: to read books, to exercise, to write, to dance etc.. Because, this one act of being consistent with your habits can save you from loneliness and being struck in your life. If you want to take your own decisions in your life rather than just following the crowd like a sheep then you got to respect your good habits and should be consistent with them. Being consistent with your habits develops your own self, your own thinking and make you to live your life on your own terms.
  1. Explore new places (not to places like pubs, movies , concerts etc..) with your life partner. Both of you travel and spend time together at any new place. This is the best way to know your partner better and to strengthen your bond. You will get to know lot of new things about her or him and you will enjoy those moments.
  1. If you get a new business idea then get a feel of doing that business : get a name for your business, select few of your friends & relatives and assume them as your team mates and discuss your idea with them as such you are executing it , do a mock one day operations (if possible) . Work on this idea at least for 2 weeks. Then you will understand whether you are really interested in the business idea or not. Interest is different from passion to execute. You may like Tajmahal (one of the 7 wonders of the world) but not interested in building the same. So, check your business idea before you jump in to one. Your passion to execute that business idea is far more important than the business potential of the idea itself. This is the biggest take away for me from the year 2015.
  1. Eat like an animal. Animals eat just to survive. They don’t indulge with food. So, eat enough food that is satisfying your hunger. Don’t get addicted to the taste of the food and become slave to your taste buds. I have been told by a very healthy person that the major causes for ill health is not by eating unhealthy foods but it is by eating food which is far above the quantity required for you.
  1. Don’t learn a new skill as it is in demand or it is going to bring the next revolution in the industry. Learn skills that contributes to your life’s goals, learn skills that makes you alive & joyful and learn skills that gives you freedom.
  2.  Always work with interesting people who have a wider perspective towards life. Work with people who wants to make things better and don’t want to follow the crowd. Work with people whose interest is to have joy in every moment. Don’t prefer to work with people who are very serious about their interests, goals and ambitions. Avoid these boring people from your life. Don’t work with people who are not genuine with their words, people who has vested interests , who force the things and people who never value your perspective towards Life.

I hope that these 10 lessons/insights will be very useful to you to not fall into the trap of rat race and helps you to live a more joyful life with your own decisions that sprigs from your own thinking.

Make this 2016 a different year in your life and remember to have fun.

Share your thoughts & experiences  below in the comments.

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