Don’t always follow your Passion ? Yes, You heard it right….Read on

There are few emotions in which mind and heart says the same thing.PASSION is one of that emotion.

‘Passion’ is an intense emotion , compelling enthusiasm or want for anything.

You should be very careful when you are passionate about anything.Because , it creates a ” heat at the moment” situation.You are most likely to take an ’emotional’ decision at that moment. This moment lasts until you face the reality. When you faces the life ,You will be still passionate but the reality that you will face such as family responsibilities , your lifestyle, financial commitments etc… will push you in a state of confusion and makes you to review about your ’emotional’ decisions.

This will be a very tough moment because the reality will not allow you to concentrate on the work that you are passionate about. Your growth rate  will severely get effected and it is most likely that your satisfaction levels will come down.

For example, you have a passion to start a business.Then your passion creates a heat at the moment. You start knowing about successful businessmen and successful businesses. Someone suggests to start now and take action today. So, You desperately want to become a successful businessmen and want to start successful businesses. But,  you don’t see the other side of the coin. He might be having broke up with his long time girlfriend , he might have survived with a huge debt for years , he might have lived in a tiny room for years . Are you ready to face them? Do your responsibilities and commitments at this moment  will allow you to do so ? Do you personally be comfortable with postponed gratification?

Most likely that you won’t think of these life situations , when you are completely consumed by the passion.Instead you will just jump into the business and then realize that your personal condition is different that of the successful businessmen , from whom you got inspiration.Then the chaos and the self-doubt starts inside you.

Don’t try to follow your fascinations.They keep changes with time.

What do you want the most at this moment is joy & happiness. Do anything for these two, whether it is to become an Entrepreneur, to become an artist. etc.. People who do businesses with correct intentions and noble reasons  , will always experience joy. Ask them if you come across anyone of that kind!

People with immature intentions such as fame, money and with a sense to prove something to this world,  will become restless and lost in life irrespective of their



Understand your PASSION carefully :  In Some cases ,you don’t clearly understand what you are passionate about. You feel that you are passionate about a Research magazine. Make sure that you are passionate about research or about starting your own magazine.No need to start a magazine, if you are passionate about research .You can work as a researcher.

So, don’t get carried away by passion.Take a deep breath , understand what exactly you are passionate about, Analyse your personal responsibilities,prepare a survival plan and start moving slowly towards your passion.

” Don’t do what you want to do , Just do what is right to you”

If you want to live a life that you love, you should live this moment and do things with noble intentions.

So. Handle your Emotions carefully . Be simple , don’t complicate your life. This society has given you a wrong meaning to the word ” success”. Explore and redefine the meaning of success.

We don’t want another multi billion dollar business .There are enough in this world. we just want a bunch of people in this world who are happy & joyful and make others feel wonderful.

Go, Live a Life that you love.

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