3 simple things you should know about your EGO

No need of an Introduction to this natural evolutionary habit :EGO

1.Why is EGO dangerous !!!

I have seen people who deliberately destroys their life because of EGO, who looses great opportunities in their businesses because of EGO ,who strains their relationships and who spoil their health just because of EGO. The stories of people who have fallen prey to EGO are endless.

On one side this EGO destroys your life and on the other side it won’t let you know by telling to your mind that you are doing right.It makes you to think that you are different from the lot.Wherever you go, you expect a special treatment and you can’t bear if any one treats you as a  normal person. Down the line in your life, you loses empathy,generosity and kindness.you gains anger,frustration and impatience. Still Your EGO deceives your mind by not thinking about what you lost and how your life has become miserable since few years.

2.Why do we have EGO ?

All of us who flares with EGO , live so because we don’t  understand who we truly are.When we don’t understand who we truly are then we form a wrong self-image. We form our self-image based on our qualifications,based on our earnings , based on our wealth , based on our intelligence , based on our accolades , based on our work we are doing now etc.. We think that we are superior to other human beings thus we crawl for special treatment and we also demand others to follow us.But we are human beings and we function like all others.We might be in a better positions on par with others because of many factors in your life.It just turned to your favor in the right time and at the right place.It may change at anytime.The best thing you can do it is : Be a continuous learner , help others and live with a purpose.

3.How should we control it ?

EGO-End of Good Opportunity

EGO-End of Good Opportunity

Since last one year, I am exploring and getting more awareness on this poisonous and self destroying quality :EGO. The best way that i believe to control our EGO is by improving our self-awareness. Improving our self-awareness is nothing but to get connected with our true self by studying our emotions by treating them as a second person  and understanding our life’s purpose.

Aware of when your EGO is attacking you,feel your EGO , treat it as an another person but not you and repeat this every time when your EGO arises.This is the best way to control your EGO.

Ravindranath Togore has written the finest poem on EGO which inspires us to be built self-awareness on the EGO. Here is that EPIC poem:

                                                                                        Who is This?

I came out alone on my way to my tryst.
But who is this that follows me in the silent dark?
I move aside to avoid his presence but I escape him not.
He makes the dust rise from the earth with his swagger;
he adds his loud voice to every word I utter.
He is my own small self, my lord, he knows no shame:
but I am ashamed to come to your door in his presence.

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