21st century’s dangerous Invention

Ironically the wrong meaning of CAREER has created a multi million dollar business today..

Probably 21st century’s dangerous invention is the word CAREER. People forgot to live a life they love. People started imitating other’s lives. People started dreaming to become someone else. People want a particular company name or a particular Degree name as their Tag. People want to become Vice President or General Manager or CEO of a company.The frustrating list goes on.

All these artificial life ambitions are causing stress , unhealthy competition and making the world a difficult place to live in.

There is nothing like a career.It is all about what do you care the most?

Understand what do you care about and do things in line with that. For example you may care about “empowering people to live a life they love” or “making the people’s lives better” or “making this world a better place to live in”.

Once you understand what you care about,  start doing something, irrespective of the field. Don’t draw a box or stick to something which you are specialized in.

So ,”What you care about” is your actual CAREER but not the artificial ambitions and a defined path which i mentioned above.

What is your CAREER plan?

2 Comments on 21st century’s dangerous Invention

  1. Exactly Ravi. People forget to live. They are welcoming stress, frustration in the name of competition. Of course every one need competition but that should be healthy. Thank you so much for this post

    • thank you booby for your opinion. Actually, the phenomena of “i want to do something” is over riding on the people’s lives. People should remember how to be happy.We all should learn how to be in this moment. Instead of “doing” let us be “being”.At the end we all are human beings but not human doings.

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