The paradox of the statement :”the reality is different”

It is all about your belief

When you listen to the statement “the reality is Different” or ” in reality it is difficult” , you think that all your dreams may not work and thinks that living your dream in this world is very difficult. But, by closely observing the people who created an impact on the society, i understood that the reality is one of the best friend to the humanity. It makes true what humans believe in. If you believe you can or you can’t , the reality makes it true.The reality is not different, it is same as what you believe in.

People believe  in something and they will say reasons to support their belief. They believe that the reality is different and they say enormous reasons to support their belief: “the reality is different”.  Don’t get fooled by this.

 Reality is not at all different or difficult .It is your belief that is forming this perception on the reality. Actually, “reality” is very accommodating and friendly to human being. Reality is what you believe in.

Believe that your dreams work and the reality opens the doors for you.

Go, Start Action towards your dreams.


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