An unknown phenomena in everyone of us that is controlling our lives

Actually, we believe that all of us take any big  decisions in our lives only after thinking critically and rationally.But i observed in most of the cases that, there is a huge impact of our subconscious mind on every big decision we take. we will not observe that the subconscious mind is having impact on our decisions we take and on our reactions to the situations. But it is.Then i am curious to know this : what is that which is guiding our subconscious mind which in turn is ruling our lives without out our consciousness? My observation is that it is the DATA WE CONSUME. The data we consume shapes our beliefs and our belief system will operate our subconscious mind.

If you consume the data that is positive and that is about possibility , then You starts believing in optimism and the possibility.  You will automatically tend to get attracted to positive people, to positive businesses and sees the possibility of your dreams and that of other’s .Your decisions will be inline with this.

If you consume data that is negative : listening to people who inflicts fear , talking to people who have bad attitude and listening to stories that are about  impossibility , then you starts believing in fear and impossibility. Your tend to take decisions out of fear and you always doubt the bigger visions and in your own dreams.

This is the reason why our parents , our past lives and our childhood is having impact on our present lives and on the decisions we make.

This is the reason why few people always talk about the impossibility and it is also the same reason why other people talks about the impossibility.

Consume right data and change your lives.




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