7 points every youth should read before they plan their future

I wish that you all are busy with your own lives , having fun and also having many plans on your future.  But before you move on to the next stage , stop here and have a look at these 7 points that can guide you to live smartly by avoiding the trap of mediocrity caused by life’s burdens and responsibilities. Read these 7 points and give a thought about them.

  1. Do things not just for money. Do things for pride, do things to solve a problem, do things to help people , do things   to create something which is inspiring. Always look two things in an opportunity you get : Money and your passion. Not just money or not just passion. But the both. Understanding this point at an early age gives you a higher command on your life. If you do things just only for money, it creates a constant stress to you and it makes you to never feel satisfied. Satisfaction is the foundation for the happiness.
  2. If good people sits at home , seeks security , thinks small thoughts and don’t leaves their comfort zone then the bad people will rule this world in the form of greedy business heads , grueling managers ,corrupted politicians, nasty bureaucrats etc.. Think about this point, When you are  trying to limit yourself. This world needs people like you.
  3. None of us can take anything from this world. When the death face enters we will be cleared away as if we are a small creatures. How small insecurity, fear of failure, dilemmas, bad attitude, hatred etc.. before the face of death. So, first kill that ultimate villain of you: FEAR.  Remember this truth, When you are obsessed with any of these unwanted emotions.
  4. As you might be already understood that the world around us is complex and nothing can be predictable. This  also mean that anything that you dream of, is also possible. Never think that your dreams won’t come true because of your responsibilities and commitments. So never lose faith.  Even when you fall from the top of the 200th  floor , there are still 199 floors left before you die. Always try for the possibility even in the last mile.
  5. Your hobbies such as Reading, writing, painting, horticulture , cooking etc.. may give you enormous satisfaction but may not give you money. How much big change has come in to your life and how much busy you are , Never ever discontinue these hobbies . These hobbies are the ones that are going to save you when you are in turmoil or when you lost your way in your life.
  6. Don’t get addicted to watching television, watching dramas and spending time on social networking sites. These are going to have a very high impact on your subconscious mind. You lose sight on reality, your inner point of view gets diluted and you try to imitate other’s lives & their career paths.
  7. EGO and bad attitude makes any person paralyzed. These two things will make even a super talented person to experience failures continuously in life.These two virtues will make the person to think unproductive thoughts. The greatest challenge to any person in life is to win over these two monsters. If you take control of these two things, your happiness is almost guaranteed.

Do you have any thoughts that helps the youth to take better decisions in their life.Please do share….


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