Top 6 business & life lessons from this small fruit stall owner

I always consider Business as one of the efficient tool to add value to the people and to create an impact on the society. This is why, I always love to explore more about business and entrepreneurship. The best business according to me is measured by the happiness of its customers & of its employees and the satisfaction level of the investors. Because, At the end we all are living for happiness & satisfaction.

Last month I have stopped at a very small fruit salad stall besides a road to eat a fresh fruit salad. The owner is very humble and polite. He has given me a fruit salad in which I have found every type of fruit in it. After I have completed it, he has come to me , collected the fruit salad box and put it in the dust bin.

The place where the stall is located is very warm and clean. There is not even one mosquito which generally be found at the stalls besides the road. He has organized his place very well and ensured healthy conditions: placed two dust bins at the corner, hourly cleaning of the place where he cut the fruits , wearing hand gloves when he make the salad. He makes fruit salad boxes and place all the boxes inside a glass enclosure to make sure his products are not expose to the dust and pollution. He is ensuring that the fruit salads are fresh by making them every three hours.

There are quite a few number of fruit shops that are 2 kms away from this fruit stall , where they don’t care customers when they visit, where the  fruit salad is made with only 2 to 3 types of fruits , where it is very hard to find a dust bin and where the fruit salads are made the day before & stored. All this rubbish product costs  60% more than that of the fruit salad stall which we are talking about.

When I just interacted with this stall owner, he said that he has started the stall three years before and said that the is happy for selling a product that is healthy.He also said that he is not insecure because he will definitely  earn the money as he is selling the product that helps people. His wife is also helping him in his work and I can find a clear sense of satisfaction in both of their faces.



He is also making fruit boxes with the same fruit type (pomegranate boxes,pineapple boxes etc..)  and put a small juice crusher to make sweet lemon juice thus increasing his revenue options.

This story really inspired me because of the way he is conducting the business: “Customer Centric”.

Right product, right place and with  right attitude. I am sure that every customer leaves his stall with happiness.He is over delivering and at the same time he is also happy at the end of the day.

But I felt that he could have gained more traction and thus customers with more marketing , for doing which he is not equipped with the required skill .

Entrepreneurs and businesses can learn a lot from this story. Let these people derive their own learning from this. But I am mentioning here the below 6 lessons, which I feel is very useful to the people obsessed with Entrepreneurship

  1. Customer Experience is the ultimate winning strategy. Quality product is just a part of this strategy.
  2. When your product is for a greater good then you can be more happy and satisfied.
  3. The best way to win your competitors in the business is , to try continuously for Excellency in the overall customer experience.
  4. The best way to start the business: Start with one product , over deliver its value and attract the customer. Then make different products to increase the revenue.
  5. Giving super quality product that is very useful is not enough. Your target People should know that you existed. In the words of the Seth Godin , the marketing legend “ all the businesses should identify their TRIBE”.
  6. Earning money through helping people is the best business philosophy that should always to be in mind.

I hope that this post is useful to you all.I am going to curate stories of this kind because i strongly believe that learning from the real life gives us the actionable knowledge and the results driven inspiration.

Next week I am going to come with a story of a 16 year young boy who is selling Muffins to support his education. Please do follow my blog to be updated with my posts.

Have a rocking life



3 Comments on Top 6 business & life lessons from this small fruit stall owner

  1. A beautiful combination of ingredients! I should eat more lentils,
    this salad would be a great way to add them to my diet.

  2. Nathaniel // May 29, 2016 at 2:51 am // Reply

    Good idea.i love also in the same field of work

    • Hi sister! it was wonderful talking with you. Please send whatever materials you have so I can envision how to network on the west coast. I am excited to see what you all are doing and to be a part in such an important envaoder.My address is: 4725 hillcrest ave.La Mesa, ca. 91941Talk soon and I will wait for your response.

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