Never stop in your twenties. 4 lessons that make you faster and unstoppable.

Hi, Brilliantfools!!! Hope you are with a never give up attitude.

Today i want to share 4 lessons from my past 5 years life experiences ,  which will be helpful to you to build a better career and life .

I am in the mid twenties . Fortunately , my life has seen ups and downs at regular intervals from past 5 years. I have not achieved something remarkable but still I am very satisfied with the way I lead the life since last 5 years. Because I didn’t have any regrets. In addition to this my understanding on the LIFE has grown over the years. I feel that this wisdom is priceless. I am with confidence that , I will do something that impact more people and create change for the better.

I can’t suggest everyone to live a life exactly like me because every person is different in his interests and goals.

But, I will definitely suggest you to believe in the following four things irrespective of your interests and goals. But, I have learned some of these things in the hard way which I don’t want you, to learn in that way.

I am very sure that you will save enormous time and avoid great difficulties in your life if you follow the below lessons. These lessons will definitely help you  in building a career you want and life you live.

Here we go……

  1. Trying things and getting failed is far better than spending time to figure out the correct thing to do:

Especially in the young age, don’t waste time to figure out the correct step. The risk of failure is comparatively low in the young age. So, take a chance and try different things.


In most of the time we don’t know what we like until we try it once. You will get more clarity When you try things than doing analysis by sitting in the room.You will get a much positive outlook towards life and will  become active,when you try different things.

Never feel that you are thoughts  perspectives are changing when you are trying different things.Understand it is normal and you are in the process of identifying the work that you love.

  1. Treat your Body like a child:

Look after your body, teach discipline to it , give healthy foods to it and make it to perform up to its  full potential. Eat healthy foods (don’t under estimate this) , Do exercises , strengthen your will power, have a proper sleep. Be harsh on your body when, you are teaching discipline to it: Drag your body to Gym , Force it to take rest that is required.

You should also become adept to judge the load that your body can take.

Treat your body as you treat your kid. It is as simple as it.

  1. Your skill is your biggest asset. Develop it:

People often say that ,  “you are the only person who can save yourself in the tough times”. Have you ever thought  that , using what you will save yourself. It is using your Skill.


Develop  your skills such as writing, teaching, programming, product design etc..  These things will come in handy In the situations such as  job loss, looking for extra income or building an alternative career. You will always have a command  on your life When you develop your own skill. You will become  a confident and independent personality , when you develop a skill.

  1. Write till you are right :

Connecting to yourself is one of the shortest way to understand what is right for your life. The best way to get connected to yourself is WRITING.

Write your thoughts , write your goals, write your ideas and write your feelings.


When you write , you  won’t lose your thoughts and you can better understand your thought process. You can also refer back to your old writings  and observe the change in your thought process. Over the time, you can bring much  clarity in to your life by writing. So  that you can take better decisions.

In most of the times, writing  helps you to navigate through tough situations. You definitely observe that you start taking right decisions when you put your daily life in writing.

 Life is an Adventure. You should bear all the hardships and should move on.

Fight like a champion to win the game.Never give up even you loose your dear one’s support.At the End it is all Green Lights.

All the Best!!!!

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    • Thank you laurence for your opinion.I will try to write some more interesting articles.Please keep visiting the blog.

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