4 simple suggestions my cousin gave me over a weekend conversation to have a better professional life

I always love to interact with a person who reads the people well and who understands what is going around their lives . Because, the wisdom we get from the discussions with these kind of people is invaluable and unique. My cousin is one of this kind of person and also who critically analyzes my ideas and give me very pragmatic insight.

One day over a weekend conversation, he has given me few important (but often ignored by many of us ) suggestions regarding professional life. I have closely observed the relevance of this suggestions for a month in real life situations and I felt that these suggestions worth consider to successfully navigate through critical situations in professional life.

I have put his suggestions into four points as below for the better understanding to the readers.

1. Don’t emotionally be connected to the company :

Most of the time it will happen to many of us. We will get connected to the company emotionally for the status, security and growth it is giving to us. But you are getting all these comforts in return to the value you are adding to the company.

when the company is in a financial crisis and when it has to take a call on the layoffs , then the company will move you out from your job. Because, the primary objective of  the company is to protect its business but not you. If you get connected emotionally to your company , during layoffs you will be disturbed and ridiculed deep down your heart .

Never take company layoff to the heart.It is the part of the game.

Never take company layoffs to the heart.It is the part of the game.

Remember that Your Company can throw you out at any time. Don’t take it to the heart. Get in love with what you are doing , take care of your skills and  be clear about your career objective.

2.Listen More:

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply” – Stephen R Covey

Listening with an intention to reply is like investing money with a negative rate of return. You need to have a very good listening skills , especially when you are dealing with your boss or colleagues .But in reality, the major challenge is when to listen and when to talk.

I am a weak listener so I practiced learning to listen since one year and follow a particular listening strategy to get the best out of the situation. When you are talking with your boss or colleagues,  listen to them for  one to two minutes. You will come to know their intention by the end of this time. Now decide what other person is expecting from you and also check his emotion.

For example,

a. If you have asked him for a suggestion then shut your mouth and listen till he completes. Don’t interrupt him in between.

b. If your colleague asked you for a suggestion, then let him completely ask what he wants. Then give your suggestion and say that it is your opinion. If he tries to counter your suggestion then repeat that it is your suggestion and you have no idea on the counter argument he has made.

c. If you people are discussing on a general topic , you can actively participate till the useful information flow is there. Just stop talking and start listening, when your colleague is blindly putting his point of few. Because, you need to end that conversation at this moment. So, the listening is the best way to do this.


Getting or giving knowledge / information/help  should be the ultimate purpose in the conversations. Listening is one of the peaceful and the shortest way to achieve this purpose.

3. Be Organized:

“ Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life “

This is the best suggestion if not taken seriously will impact our productivity at work. My observation is that if we are not organized then we either run short of time to complete a project or run short of resources to complete the task. Becoming organized in our life will helps us to look good , to be peaceful and to be flexible. Being organized helps us to win over stress. I have never seen a person in my life who is organized (not over organized) and stressed.

10 simple ways to get organized at work

4. Calculate Risk and prepare for the double of it :

If you want to take a break from the job , then you definitely need to plan for a financial back up. Calculating your average monthly expenses and multiplying it with the number of months that you are going to take break, will not  practically work. Lot of contingencies such as health care costs, travel costs , learning costs , repair costs etc..should  be consider for the calculation and keep the cash that is the double of what you have calculated.

Here is a killer article on How to plan a career break

If you navigate successfully through the tricky situations in your profession and plan the things pragmatically , then your professional growth will not get hampered . As you get age,the impact of  Professional life will grow on your personal life.So, handle YOUR PROFESSIONAL LIFE with care.

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