Don’t try to win the argument , it is similar to getting in to the MUD.Instead, deliver your message

When you want to deliver a message or want to share a message , don’t get involved with the comments that are intended to grab you down.Be Emotionally Intelligent and control your EGO. If you are involved , then your actual message will not reach people.Instead of concentrating on your message , your target audience will concentrate more on your reaction to the negative arguments.

Your target is to deliver the message but not to satisfy your EGO by trying to win the arguments.

One such example i have given below to clarify the point i am talking about.

In the FACEBOOK, Some people make contradictory comments on  your status update or on the message /news you share .Their comments might me harsh, derogatory and sarcastic .Then don’t try to  give a counter to those comments.Instead just clarify your view-point . Again you most probably get a comment which bullies you.Then the next thing you should do is to not to comment anything further.

You lose sight on your main aim and will get involved with some lousy arguments that leads you to no where.Understand that involving in this kind of discussion is same as entering into the MUD. Once you entered , You will get dirty and stinky. Other people with whom you want to share  your product,service/ content  will get a wrong perception about you . You looses your credibility among your friends and customers. So don’t get into the MUD.

facebook muddle


So, remember this 3 layer comment system , which you should apply on .FACEBOOK and in your Life.

Layer 1: Other person comments on your status update

Layer 2 : You reply to that comment with an intention to clarify your view-point.

Layer 3 : That other person, will try to drag you into the foolish discussion.

You don’t reply to the LAYER 3 /3rd  comment.

A year ago, i have done this mistake but it is my first and the last time. Fortunately, I quickly learned from this mistake and never involved in such a muddle.

Deliver your message , concentrate on your target audience and move on with your work….

Do you agree with me ? What are your thoughts ? Do share in the below comments…..

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