(VIDEOS) How to get JOY when you are in a frustrated environment ?

You can absolutely generates JOY even when you are in a frustrated environment ! Yes, let explain this by taking one frustrated environment we all will be in, daily.

Everyone of us will become frustrated in the terrific traffic. Our humanity levels reaches rock bottom and our EGO flares in the traffic.Our driving manners is becoming so disgusting and irritable. Because of our unmindful behavior in the traffic, we put our life and other’s life into risk.The unfortunate point is that we don’t even realize that we are behaving a bit rude.

Bearing some unavoidable situations , we can always be helpful to the co travelers and can show our caring towards the other people .

Let us take the below two cases, that you can convert in such a way that it gives you JOY even in the frustrated traffic.

Problem 1 :

No one gives a way to the co traveler even there is a possibility. Everyone will be in hurry.No body is having patience. Just look at the below video.

If people continuous to behave like this then the daily commune will be very stressful and frustrated.

Observe carefully, the Below 90 seconds clip.You can understand the real problem.

This problem can be solved by very small acts such as giving  the way to the fellow travelers, saying thanks and expressing gratitude .If you do any good thing for once, you feels great about you and you tend to do that quite often.

Watch the below video ,  how polite the Japanese drivers are.

Do small acts of kindness like this. You will feel the JOY in life.

Next time , try to say thank you to your co  traveler when he/she give you a way to go or yourself give a way to others , then share your experience with us.

Remember that the KINDNESS is contagious.

Problem 2 :

No one cares about the Ambulance in the traffic .Everyone thinks that they alone can’t give the way to it.

What a pathetic situation we are in. See below video :

Let us not be unmindful. Let us show some concern , if someone’s life is at risk ? The moment you listen to the Ambulance horn , think about the  person inside the ambulance who is battling for life.

See below two videos that shows how the people can give a way to the Ambulance.

We can always do small acts of kindness even in a frustrated environment and can get JOY.

Please do share this. The happiness and joy of our society is in our hands.Let us do things which we can do. No need to do sacrifices. Just do small acts of kindness.

These small acts will give you joy and happiness instead of irritation.

Whenever you are in a frustrated environment, try to find the ways to get the JOY by doing small acts of KINDNESS.

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