(Videos) Are you having irritating girl friend ? Here is why She might be your soul mate!

If there is any person in my life who irritates me to the most ,who tests my Ego & Anger , who makes me feel worthless and who makes my life highly uncomfortable , that holy lady is my Girl Friend.She knows which button to push that makes me to feel ridiculous.

My Ego flares and i jump with anger when she points out any of my inability. This happens often and when it happens I lose my happiness .Self doubt will arise inside me for a day and that moment can affect my decisions in a few important things in my life.

Loosing self-confidence & temper and feeling self-doubt can take away our Happiness and Success. Do we imagine life with out Happiness and success?

I can’t break up with her as she is honest in our relationship, our relationship has some deeper roots in life , we got connected to each other and apart from these shady moments we always share  lovely moments as well. But Happiness and Success is also very important.

Many of you people  would be facing this situation and would be struggling ? In some other lives the irritating person may be dad , brother , sister , daughter , son etc…Their number one mission is to make our life as difficult as possible.

What is the solution??????

I explored for a solution to this problem that fits to most of us.

The solution is that instead of Yelling at the person just say Thanks to that Person. It really makes sense to you after you listen to the below speech by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

In the below two speeches , the legendary Dr. Wayne Dyer explains why the people who irritate us the most are our greatest teachers as they show us what we haven’t mastered in ourselves yet.

Hope you liked the knowledge. This wisdom has given me greatest lesson and shown me the path to  feel more grateful about my self  in that moment.

From this moment on wards, thank the person in your life who irritates you to the most. Never loose your happiness , find out the ways to overcome any difficulty that you face in your life.Go, Live a Life that you love.

What is your opinion, comment below………..

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