1 big secret you should know that makes you to standout from the crowd

Machines & computers are being created in every sector which are replacing huge amount of  manual work.Machines are becoming very smart, quick and efficient. Advanced robots are replacing highly skilled tasks that people once thought impossible. Whatever skill you conquer, that is going to be replaced by a machine /software/Computer with in few years down the line. Your work is getting replaced by new generation machines which can do the work more accurately and faster than you do.

Are you doing a work (your profession) which can be replaced by a machine in the future ?  Give it a thought !

If  the answer is YES ! You will lose your value in the future and in some cases, you will gradually moved out of your job.

Then what to do ?

Just Know this secret that can increase your value and helps you to stand out of the crowd.

The secret is : BECOME AN ARTIST.

future is for artists

Artists produce works that are original and unique.They create things and form the rules.But they never follow the rules and do the same work again and again.They always try to produce creative works.They add very high value to the work they produce.They keep producing outputs which are different from each other.They ultimately creates an Impact.

Learn the art of doing things but not just doing things mechanically.Show your uniqueness in doing your job. Add value to your job with your own way of doing it.

You will become extinct , if you learn the skill and performing it by following certain rules. This way of working is no longer valuable. Instead , Become an artist and give results like them.

Future belongs to artists………….

Are you an artist ? Comment here , how differently you will do your job

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