4 simple things to do when you feel ‘bored’ with your daily routines

It is not that someone won’t get bore or feel routine if he/she is doing the work that they enjoy the most. Sometimes, every one of us feels our work routine. The problem  in this situation is that your mind tries to take control of yourself.  It pushes you to do the unproductive & unhealthy works and makes you to think vulnerable thoughts. You may feel comfort by doing these at that moment but it will keep you off track from your goal and from your regular Life. The boredom can deviate you Goals and ambitions. FOCUS is very important thing  which you shouldn’t lose.

I figured out top 5 things that you should do which will give you not only super relaxation but also reinvent you and in some cases adds more value to you when you feel boredom.

1. Go out alone and do things that you don’t do often:

Don’t spend alone by sitting at your room, when you feel bored. It is not a good idea In most of the situations. Instead, go out alone and do things which you don’t do often. You may go out for a long walk, you may go out to visit a luxurious electronics showroom, you may go out alone to have an ice cream, you may do cooking . But, these are the ones that you don’t do often. This simple act  gives you the experience which will not be regular to you and will temporarily put you out of your regular work without polluting your mind & body.

be alone

If I feel routine, I will just stop my work and do the following things:

a. I don’t go to temples often. So, I visits any temple .

b. I drinks a large size smoothie which I don’t drink regularly

c. I go to movie alone which I generally go to movies with others

d. I go for jogging in a park which is far from my home and to where I have never been before. etc…

e.I go for a walk with like minded people.

You may go for a bike ride at Midnight , may go for a sunrise  etc..


2. Explore the knowledge in other Domains :

There is lot of interesting stuff going on in the other domains. Explore and learn about them.  Watch some exciting videos on History, read an article in science or know about an interesting place in the world etc… Know about the poetry and about the great poets.


Few Interesting Documentaries:

National Geographic: The story of Earth

Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side – The best BBC documentary ever!

BBC Documentary – The Magical Forest

3. Entertain and get entertained in New Ways:

  • Read short stories from the children’s book.
  • Teach something that you are proficient at to the kids.
  • Prepare a video resume of yourself.
  • Design a comedy drama with your room mates, do rehearsals and try to perform before your family & Friends.
  • Compose dance to the song that you love.
  • Go to live standup comedy shows.
  • Watch a movie that you are postponing since long time with your childhood friend.


4. Do small acts of Love & Kindness:

Giving Love and spending time with your dear ones will have a profound impact on your moods. The act of kindness, generosity and love has the tremendous power to bring enthusiasm in to your life.


  • Switch off your electronic gadgets and spend time with your loved ones.
  • Go to an orphanage home and entertain orphans.
  • Arrange a meet up with your childhood friends to get to know about their careers and figure out how you can help them.
  • Prepare a list of people who helped you and showed you kindness . Write generosity mails to them in which you just thank them for giving you such a wonderful moments.
  • Get up early on the early morning of Sunday to participate in charity runs.
  • Make  Tea for your family , Prepare a delicious cuisine for your friends etc…
  • Visit friends and relatives to grace them with love but don’t visit them for formality.

The whole point here is  to use these techniques to revitalize yourself in a short span and to quickly restart your work.

Please let us know your ways of overcoming boredom .Comment here…



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  1. Super invimratofe writing; keep it up.

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