(VIDEO) Finally i found the best way to control ‘ Anger’

ANGER is one of the dangerous emotion in every human being that always makes us unconfortable and destroy our relationships. Just think that how your Anger has effected your relationships and spoiled your moments.Where there is an anger there is always a pain underneath it.

When i tried to control my Anger, Lot of known techniques such as counting numbers , thinking of consequences etc.. didn’t worked for me in the long run.But, the act of  removing my self from my angry body and growing my awareness when the anger blown out of my body is working to control my anger than any other technique.

As a whole , this technique is giving me more peace and inmproved my self awareness.

This technique is explained by Eckhart Tolle with interesting practical insights in the below video.

Don’t change yourself but aware of yourself, which automatically helps you to change- Eckhart Tolle

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