10 must things you should do to be a happier person (Part 4) – Electrifying Motivational Video from NIKE

  1. Don’t compromise on this Game Changer:

There is one thing that comes to your rescue when you are depressed or when you feel lonely or when you feel lost.

There is one thing that can improve your moods than any other.

That one thing can make you to feel good and look better.

That One thing is WORKOUT/EXERCISE .

Get up.It is time for change.....

Get up.It is time for change…..

As I stated in my Game Changers article, Workout is the greatest tool for a happy and joyful Life.

Workout gives you  more energy, helps you to get more confidence, it keeps you from getting sick , it helps you to find more time in the day, helps you to stay focused and helps you to control your temptations.

Exercise will be a temporary diversion to a daily distress .Psychological changes may occur due to alterations in norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, all hormones which can affect mood and anxiety level.

I rarely find a person in the forbs list of top influential people in any field who don’t do workout or exercise.

I don’t write more than this but I am posting a deadly video by NIKE .

How do you feel? Share your difficulties to do the exercise . We are there for you….We will help you.

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