10 must things you should do to be a happier person (Part 3)

  1. Realize that you are a Human being and living a life:


You are a Human Being :

You never follow your diet plan more than a week, you are the king of procrastination, you always start and leave the things in between, you can’t control your anger , you can’t control your appetite towards junk foods, you only say but don’t do the things , you always wake up late.

If you are the person who do things such as mentioned above, then realize that you are a human being. Humans do mistakes. Don’t beat yourself and worry too much when you are repeating mistakes and failing regularly to do the things which you want to do. Instead try another time with better understanding of the failure and with a different method.

For example, you want to wake up in the morning at 6 AM to go for jogging. You couldn’t able to do this since 2 yrs as you can’t get out of the bed before 8 AM. Don’t get disappoint and don’t get worried, instead feel proud. Because, you have been trying since 2 years but you didn’t gave up. Keep trying with a different technique until you get success. You are a human being. It is natural that human beings do mistakes. Don’t worry, just keep trying . You will become stronger and happier.

You are Living a Life:

Why does all the bad things happens to me?  Why do my  wife behaves like this? Why do I always fail in whatever things I do? Why the hell is this happening in my home? Why do these many  ‘break ups’ in my life? How can be my girl friend so selfish with me?

Because you are living a  LIFE.

Life is a beautiful struggle.Be Happy.

Life is a beautiful struggle.Be Happy.

Everyone in this world will go through some or the other ordeal. Don’t think that you are having problems which no one is having. Ups and Downs are natural in Life. Because, most of the situations in our Life  depends on many people and on many other things. So things will happen which you didn’t expect and which you didn’t like.

If you are in a difficult condition in your Life and wants to make peace with yourself, read the following before you go to bed:

  1. The worst things in my life happened because it is the nature of the Life and all the situations in Life are passing Clouds.So , nothing unnatural happened.
  2. I am having no time to worry because, i am busy to live my Life and there are lovely things in my Life to concentrate on.
  3. It is not that my situation that is making me worry,It is my monkey Mind. I know that mind feels worrying very comfortable. That is the reason why i tend to worry if i face difficult situation.In general human beings are the Happiest living things in the world .So i ahould be happy.
  4. I think something wonderful is going to happen for me after this tough situation and i should be prepared with a positive outlook towards life.
  5. Let the problems come and go but i won’t give up my fight because more than anything, I am a great fighter.


Don’t worry , because Life will change your situations very fast. Just,  Keep Moving .Be proud & celebrate your relentless fight that you give to reach your goals.



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  1. Hmmm…We are all Fighters…

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