10 must things you should do to be a happier person (Part 1)

Being Happy : The greatest contribution to the society

Being Happy : The greatest contribution to the society

We should be happy in our lives to enjoy the life to the extent we deserve.But this is very easy said than done. A person might be facing severe mental & physical pressure and is genetically coded in his emotions. Taking charge of his destiny and being happy is a very difficult for him. I faced a varying degrees of hardships such as a start up failure , disturbances in my family, self doubt created by dear ones , loss of money,physical illness etc…I developed my own strategies to deal with all of these and i am successful till date.I need to yet master all these 10 strategies but these 10 strategies are very practical and can make you happier irrespective of the situation you are in.

To keep each article size less ,  i will post the whole article in 5 parts. This is the first part.

  1. Emulate a Child :

One of the best ways to be happy is being a child. Children are the best living things on earth who are always happy without a worry. They select dresses which they like , they play games which they enjoy the most , they ask questions without any hesitation , they dance like there is no one is watching them , they make friends very  often & very easily ,they let the things go , they are flexible in a sense that they are open to anyone and to anything  and the brilliant thing about them is that they don’t worry about future.

play like a children

play like a children

We should remind them quite often in our lives and we shouldn’t completely leave our kids instincts which give us the pleasure and happiness.One of the best quality of them is that they don’t worry too much about what other people think of them

Do the following things quite often:

  1. Play the games that you have played in your childhood.
  2. Compose a dance when your are alone for a song that you love
  3. Just walk to a nearby shop to buy yourself a chocolate.
  4. Walk the steps by counting or with a naughty rhyme.
  5. Play with kids quite often.
  6. Dance for a random music coming from TV at your home.
  7. Poke your friends daily.
  8. Don’t over analyze the things.

Now, you can figure out on what else you can do.

  1. Allow some time to pass and also look from top view:

Few things in life may not let you to be cool headed such as parents frequently quarreling in front of you for petty things, your girl friend….(I can’t generalize in this case ,fill it yourself) ,  colleague trying to ridicule you , getting cheated by others , getting offended because of an insane driving of a person in the traffic etc.. In this kind of situations, You may lose your temper and get caught in a negative spirals and the resultant is Unhappiness.

In these kind of situations, Allow some time to pass before you react and immediately remove yourself from the situation such that your emotional self and other guys are only present .  Think for a while on how your emotional self to react in such a way to get the result you want.

Write a letter to your parents; don’t talk with your girlfriend for a day and meet her personally with a small gift the next day and take her to a refreshing place; let go that insane person in the traffic; don’t mind your colleague and concentrate more on Getting immersed & excelled at work .

Emotional Intelligence is the need of the hour

Emotional Intelligence is the need of the hour

Top view is required at times :

You may need to take the serious steps in few occasions such as to shout on parents , drag that insane person to the traffic police and indirectly warn your colleague who is disturbing you often. Do this with a consciousness but don’t do these things  to vent your anger & frustrations . You may be arrogant to others but you need to take a top view of the whole situation and think in a broader view.

The point here is that:

  1. Don’t give instant reactions and lose control of yourself. Just allow some time and do the things that can give you results.
  2. Take a top view and look at the whole situation and then take a conscious step. You can behave angrily and run the situation towards the way you want. You should be conscious about your emotions , your heart beat shouldn’t be raised and you shouldn’t get sweat.

Life will find it very hard to make you unhappy, If you start practicing this strategy. You will be The Master of your Destiny if you conquer this strategy.

to be contd…………..

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