The Best book that can change your life with in a short span.

Buying this book is one of the best decisions that i have made so far.This is a mini bible for me.


This book was written by the well known Leadership Guru Mr. ROBIN SHARMA. This book has 101 tiny chapters (1 to 2 pages) that i call them as a brilliant solutions to all the problems in our life. This book will give you a super guidance to Personality development & self control ,well being, Joy & happiness,wealth & peace , achievement,manifestation , Love etc…Each chapter is so practical that these chapters pushes you to take action.

This is book is very friendly to all sorts of readers because the Vocabulary , analogies , quotes and references in the book are simple ,straightforward and thought provoking.

The most wonderful thing about this book is that the headings of the chapters are very clear and interesting.You can’t wait to read the chapter after you read the heading in the Index page.

I bought this book 6 years back and i still keeps it with in my hand’s reach. I look for a relevant chapter in this book , whenever i feel  like i am depressed or or i fail to self control or i feel tired etc..

Early in the morning or before going to bed are the best times to read this book for the first time. After you read this book for once, then i strongly suggest to keep this book with you for a quick reference at any time in a day.The book is smaller in size and very easy to handle.

I strictly refer this book to everyone who believe that the life is limited and are serious to achieve their dreams. Read this book and share your experiences with me.

Go, Live a Life that You Love.

To buy this book, click here:Who Will Cry When You Die?


  1. I just started reading this book. I like one line very much.
    “If you don’t act on life,life has a habit of acting on you”

  2. Yes Ravi. This book is really mini bible..Every one should keep this book. Every one can easily travel with this book. If we start this book once we cant stop reading. This is about all perspectives of Life. Thank you so much Ravi for refer this book .

    • Bobby,you will realize the greatness of this book much more when you refer back to this book when you look for a solution to the problem you are facing. When i face troubles in my life i read again these chapters :see your troubles as blessings , list your problems, Enjoy the path not justthe reward, keep your cool .Various chapters guide me in various situations.One more flexiblity with this book is that you can read any chapter irrespective of the order.I wish that you reep more benefits from this book and also share with your friends bobby.

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