1 simple thing that can destroy your focus daily -Avoid it immediately

My Gmail has showed me that I haven’t read 1355 mails till date.when I look at those mails, almost 900 mails are which I skipped reading because I don’t want to read.
Each and every time when these mails hit my inbox, I picked up my mobile and checked these mails.

When I tried to approximately calculate the number of times  I was deviated because of these mails, it is not less than 700 times.

This means that I got distracted over 700 times  by these mails which iam not interested to read.

But I allowed all these 900 mails at some or the other time to come to my inbox such as subscribing to emails when I did an online shopping, allowing my travel agent to send me a daily promotion mails, allowing multiple sources of same kind to send me daily digests etc….

What a self sabotaging event it is!!!

The remaining 455 mails out of 1355 mails are just scrap.Apart from these 1355 mails, I wondered that how many mails I opened and spent some time to read them , that created an anxiety and made me to think on useless things.

I identified and unsubscribed from all those unwanted sources which disturbes me daily.

At this era of mobile phones and tabs, not taking care of your inbox is going to wreck your life.Whene you open your inbox , 90% of the mails that you receive should push you  towards your goal, contributes to your personality development , helps you in the networking and should represents your beliefs & value system.

So guys, sign in now  to your mail and save your valuable time and increase your focus on the things that you love.Go, Live a life that you love.

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