4 steps to plan a productive week

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You may get easily carried away by the high winds in your daily life. You won’t have any idea on how the time has passed by. Days will slip into weeks, weeks will slip into months and the months will slip into years. You will be still left with uncompleted tasks , with many goals to pursue and with lot of missed opportunities. You are not left with no time to complete the tasks and to purse your interests, irrespective of the amount of hard work you put.

Somewhere and somehow you need to stop this and start acting on living a life that enables you to pursue your interests and to complete your tasks on hand.

The best time to act is on the Sunday night before you go to bed. What you all need to do is to prepare a strategy to live the life for next one week.

Take a note-book and on the Sunday night for just 30 mins.

1.Review Yearly Targets:

Review your targets for the year and just check whether you should revise the list. Your concentration should be on the top 5 targets. You should only plan your week based on your top 5  targets for the year.

For example if your top 5 targets for the year can be as below,

a. To get Married

b. Read 20 books

c. To learn 05 new skills .

d. To get a revenue of Rs 20 Lakhs from the current business.

e. To change the lives of 30 people.

2. Weed Control :


“Making the list” will also applicable to your bad habits. List out your habits the made your days non productive , that hindered you to pursue your goals and that effected your inner peace in the last week.  You should try to control them in the coming week .The best strategy to control them is to aware of them .So, list them all.

For example you can list out as follows ,

a. To control Addiction towards checking mails in your Blackberry every second .

b.To control Anger.

c.To avoid Late Night sleep.

d. . To stop squandering money.

e.To Spend enough time on Gaining Professional knowledge.

3. This week’s Learning :

You should learn a news kill every often that enables you to easily reach your goals and makes you more productive and lets you to inspire and teach some one. List out just one skill to learn in this week.

For example it can be learning Photoshop software , learning to read Balance sheets etc…

4. Plan a Typical day of the week : 

Now, keeping all the above three in mind, Plan your typical day. How do you want to live your day and what works you want to complete without procrastinating them.  Plan according to your yearly goals in mind. No need to plan accurately and you can always interchange the tasks as per your feasibility.

For example ,

5 AM to 8:30 AM :

Exercise -1 Hr ; Inspirational Video -30 mins ; Book Reading -2 Hr ;

9:30 AM to 06 :30 PM :

Professional work -7 Hrs ; News paper & Articles-30 mins ; Business & Personal Calls :30 Mins  etc…….

07:00 PM to 10:30 PM:

Learning & Knowledge-2 Hrs ; Walking -45 Mins ; Journal writing & Day Review :30 mins

These 4 things will give you a quick energy and interest to work for the coming week.You will have a clarity on what you are doing throughout the week and you will have a sense of satisfaction .

I plan my week like this and this is very successful & simple method for me.

Few activities will automatically pushes you towards the life that You Love.This is one of those activities. Try it from the next sunday, Just 30 mins.

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  1. Hai Ravi. Nice and very interesting article.Apart from that some links contains no addresses. Make sure to add appropriate address to those links. I forgot that link but in this page you just click on “Click Here”.It will give page not found error. I had found before that is why i am informing you. Thank you buddy. Your site is really rocking. It will definitely change many lives and i wish you all the very success. Thank you once again. Keep rocking and make many more brilliant fools..

    • Thank you bobby for your continuous support. I have updated the missing link in the above article. Kindly check now. Thank you for your information. Have a wonderful time…

  2. You are most welcome Ravi and It’s working fine. Thank you

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