The Game Changers : 4 simple tools that helps you in any difficult situation in Your Life

We want to enjoy each and every moment of our life. Everybody want’s to have their own lifestyle. We want freedom. We want joy & happiness. But lot of factors in life can effect our happiness and Joy.Many situations in our life can make us lives hell. Lot of problems in life, so many traps , cultural issues , criticisms , responsibilities , emotional commitments , dilemmas  etc….

These negative forces can easily deceive our Mind and makes our sub conscious mind to believe that “you are helpless and you can’t come out of the situation”. We starts forgetting our dreams & goals and starts compromising. One more worst thing we do at this situation is to start living for others.

At this moment we shouldn’t give up.  We should remember the life that we dream of , our right of freedom to live a life that we love and the joy that we deserve. But to overcome the dire situations is easier said than done. We should have some strong tools in each of our lives to retaliate against the odds  and to revive our hope.

I will call these strong tools as The Game Changers.

These Game Changers helps you to avoid the state of  depression , helps you to give you the strength to face the odds , helps you to relive from the stress and keeps you alive to achieve your dreams .

My Game Changers are :

1. Exercise :  This is a wonderful tool and an extraordinary mood changer. Exercise here I mean any physical movement  for more than half an hour. Jogging or walking in a quiet place besides greenery  for 30 minutes gives a lot of refresh to me. Cycling and swimming also do this for me.  What I ever problems I face , whatever stress I get  will disappear after a 4-6Kms long walk or an hour cycling.  I don’t carry any electronic devices with me. You may try Gym , cycling ,swimming, yoga etc…. Think of possibilities  , imagine your dreams  and observe new things  when you are doing workouts.

2. Music :  I very strongly believe that, one of  the greatest achievement of the mankind till date is  creating MUSIC . MUSIC can evoke any kind of feelings and can create wonderful synergy among your senses. One thing that always fascinates me since my childhood is dance. So, I always imagine that I am doing dance and compose steps when I listen to the MUSIC. Listening to MUSIC keeps me energetic and active. All the troubles, sad news , disappointments will fade away during the time that i listen to MUSIC. Listen to all the beats which inspires you and makes you active. You will imagine all the wonderful things and feel very good  When you listen to music. So the habit of listening to music for a short period of 30 minutes to 45 minutes , will make you believe that the world is wonderful.

3. Books :  A passionately written book can become a father , mother, guru, a best friend . Books keeps you away from crying over the problem  In present and inspires your mind to think of the solution . You will get an enormous confidence and thought clarity after reading a thought provoking book. When I am confused and  looking for a way or when I should prepare a strategy for a challenging business issue then I will go to a coffee shop (preferably a coffee day ) , order a coffee  and starts reading the book. I can’t express  how creative thoughts I get and anything in the world seems impossible to me. All the problems start looking to me like a questions that can be easily cracked. Books will give you lot of perspectives  and inspires you to think many other . I will read Mr. R.K.Narayan’s writings , When I feel stressed and bored . Because, R K Narayan will take you to your childhood and taste you the adventure.

Books will soothe you , make you smile and make you to forget your worries. Take a book and give it a try with a nice coffee.

4.  Passionate People : As Steve jobs told,  the passionate people are the one who change the world. Yes, they strongly impact the people and their life stories, their words , their actions , their energies will always guide us when we are in trouble. The Stanford’s commencement speech of  Steve Jobs has impacted thousands of lives and will be bible for so many people at least for the next 100 years. Look at the business empire that Richard Branson has created from the ground zero , See the energy that flows when Usha Uthup sings a song, Feel the perfection of the straight drive from the GOD OF CRICKET and study the amount of courage that the Bhagath Singh has shown at the age of 20 . Yes, these people’s life stories and actions will save us from our dilemmas and helps us to achieve our dreams.

                                          Whenever I was in helpless condition I remind of people like Sir.Richard Branson , Steven  Jobs , Guy Kawasaki , Seth Godin , Vivekananda, Robin Sharma , Nelson Mandela , Jack Welch , opera Winfrey . My worry seems nothing on par with the hardships  they came across .

Reminding them will immediately  brings you hope. Always follow them.

Brilliant fools, Try these 4 Game Changers or search your’s . Go, Live a Life that you Love.

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