5 facts you should know to wake up early in the morning for an exercise

You are so determined to wake up in the morning at 6 AM to go for a workout .You set the clock at 5:50 AM.

This is how you feel….

5:50 AM :  Let us get out of bed at 6:00 AM, anyway i have come to my senses.                   SNOOZE -10 minutes

6:00 AM :  Five more minutes of sleep will not make much difference.                                      SNOOZE -5 minutes

6:05 AM : I will feel drowsy at office /throughout the day . Let us make it 6:30 AM  SNOOZE -25 minutes

6:30 AM : I have read an article that said that every body requires 7 to 8 hrs of sleep. Let us sleep for Today, i will start the workout from tomorrow for sure. Today Night , I will sleep an hour before .


You know, what happens tomorrow? The finest reason that your mind will say to you in the very next day morning is that to “Sleep for now, you can do it in the evening “.

Let us not get deceived by our Mind. You should get a good health To Live a Life that You Love. You very well know that you should wake up in the morning and do exercise for a good health . But see, how your mind is deceiving you.

Believe me, you can win over your Mind .Aware of the below 5 things

1.  Have you ever wake up in the morning?

How many times did you wake up in the morning at 4 AM to catch a flight /Train. Many times.  If you are feeling drowsy at your office or feeling sleepy throughout the day, take coffee for two more times. If you want to cut caffeine intake then go for green tea.

2. Are you not comfortable with the Gym ?

Don’t go for a workout which you don’t like. Go for a jog, If you feel that it is uncomfortable to hit a   GYM .Go for a walk If you haven’t have the stamina to jog .Wake up, put the ear phones and just walk in the woods.

3. Do you want to be active throughout the day?

Exercise may give you a good physique and may give you a long life .But the best thing  is that it will make your day Lively and pushes you to be active.You may not be observing this from the day one.But you will see that with in few days.Who don’t want to be active everyday?

4. Why do you want ” Six Pack”?

Do the exercise for your sake.Not to get a  “six-pack” which your friend is having or not to impress your girl friend. Because , these kind of reasons can’t push you hard in the long run to wake up in the morning to go for a workout.

5. Are you Not having time for the work out?

If you are not having time now  for the workout , Then  you will take many leaves in the future with the reasons like cold , headache , fever etc…  At the extreme,  you will waste months of time taking rest on the hospital bed.  Never say that you are extremely busy to do your workout. Few  minutes daily  workout will save hours of your time in the future.

Believe in the exercise , don’t get fooled by your brain. To Live a Life that you Love you should have a GOOD HEALTH. Start small with a 20 minutes walk in day and for 3 days a week. Go, Get a good health. Live a Life that You Love.

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