Read this wonderful phenomina : Seeds Sown in a Fertile Land

Can you Identify the seeds in the above Photo just by looking at it  ?  These seeds are very small, looking nearly black in color , looking uneven.What great does these seeds can give? The fact is that , these seeds will grow in to trees and gives Delicious Apples.

Un believable!!!! What a spectacular phenomena. A Small, black and ugly ones can grow and gives Delicious Apples.

Remember that You are like a Small Seed!!!!!!!

Never allow anyone to underestimate you .You may look very small now, you may be ugly now , you may have the worst past but the fact is that YOU CAN GROW and CAN GIVE THE SPECTACULAR RESULTS.

But the Seeds should only be sown into the Fertile land to grow and give the fruits.

Do You know what is this Land? The Land is your BELIEFS.

Is your beliefs Fertile? Just give a thought.

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