One Question which always helps me before taking a career decision!!!!!!!!!

Lot of people around us are doing an exceptional work , loving what they are doing and are living a life that they love. We know them and we want to be like them but we don’t .You know why ? We have been brain washed by the society since our childhood  to be a mediocre or a person who don’t wants to follow the well trodden path. We have been brain washed that the failure is dreadful and it will breaks us into death.

Few years ago , I too was with the same Mindset. I want money but didn’t thought of happiness , I want security but didn’t thought of Joy , I want success but didn’t thought of it’s meaning.

I ended up in a corporate job . “ Working Sundays Frustrating Mondays” started in my life. Sick leaves have become part of my life. I had become part of a race, in which there is no success or failure.

I strongly knew that this is not the life that I want. But i couldn’t found time to think deeply about it and mastered the art of telling excuses to myself.  Because I was just running a corporate rat race .

One day , I received an email with a question that stunned me and hit me very hard .

Imagine if there is a Movie today based on your life ,Would you Love your character?



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