WINNING by Jack Welch

Are you passionate about building business organizations ? then read this book!!!!

“To the thousands of men and women who cared enough about business to raise their hands”

If you are passionate about the Business ,  wants to build the organizations  , determined to add value to the society with business and finds winning in the success of your team, then this book is for you. Jack welch has brilliantly explained each and every corner of the business . Hiring Process , Crisis Management ,Change ,  strategy , Budgeting  and the chapter on “Your career” are master pieces in this book.  The case studies on the application of his business philosophies such as  candor and meritocracy in GE’s business will give you a very fresh insight to build a company filled with full of energy and happiness .

If i should explain the whole book in to one word then it is about ” PEOPLE” . In all the aspects of business like M&A , Strategy ,Budgeting  , leadership , HR Processes , he has given utmost important to just one thing.That is , ” making the people win” , First his Employees and next his customers.

The only thing which i felt that he didn’t concentrated in this book is on , vendor management. But still , the topics that the jack has presented in this book,  will give enormous practical knowledge and intellectual excitement. Businessmen , Entrepreneurs ,  Managers (very essential) , Employees who wants to build their corporate career (very essential ) and young people who wants to know about the business should not miss this book.

Click here to buy this wonderful book:Winning: How To Win In Business And In Life!

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