“Today, the most dangerous advice you can give a child is’ go to school, get good grades and look for a safe secure job’,”- RICH DAD POOR DAD ,Robert Kiyosaki

This book starts with the above argument and interestingly relates it to the “common man’s finance”.With the simple diagrams and real life examples the book made the reader comfortable and interesting with the author’s arguments.This book ruled out all the pre conceived notions and prejudices to become rich and provided the pragmatic way with examples to become rich and secure.Some interesting concepts like “no money creating money”, ” how to come out of the RAT RACE”, “seek work for what you will learn, more than what they will earn”, pertaining to stocks ” the cynics criticize and winners analyze”, ” invent money”, “why home is not an asset”,”Pay yourself first” etc…….have been explained phenomenally well and will opens up the readers mind. He cautioned the common man by proving that how a highly educated and well paid employee can become poor. This book is all about explaining the Basic accounting smeared with mathematics using psychological theories.The beauty of this book is that any one irrespective of their age, gender and profession can read .I feel that this book can become a financial bible to all the students across the world.Whoever read this book early in their life are going to be more beneficial compared to  others.

There is a solution in this book:

If you don’t want to do the job ……….

If you want to retire early ………..

If you want to make your son millionaire………..

If you want to make money without zero investment………..

If you want the courage to invest in shares and real estate…………


Last but not the least Inspiration is always the fuel to the brilliantfools .You really get a “controlled emotional” inspiration from the facts ,figures and the arguements provided in this book. “Salute to kiyosaki to define a new meaning to the ‘imortance of money’ in human life”. Don’t miss reading this brilliant piece…….

it’s worth start reading this , “very basic but extraordinary finance book” as early as you can……….This book may change you life too as many in the world….

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  1. Bobby Mupparthi // August 4, 2014 at 12:03 pm // Reply

    Very interesting review. I am expecting more reviews on Brilliant books.Hope you will write soon. Thank you

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