Use “ MIRROR NEURONS” for your Motivation

“Be interested in others and show kindness ”

“Practice Forgiveness ”

“Enjoy the path not just the reward”

“Follow your heart” “Never give up”

”Don’t be sarcastic and put others down”

“Always wear a smile on your face”

“Be sincere and work hard towards all of your goals”

I can tell more number of quotes like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok.

Go to “COFFEE DAY”, have brewed coffee and think OR Sit in your home on Sunday evening and think while eating crispy potato chips……You can also tell hundreds of quotes like this. If time is there, any one can tell this kind of quotes on “how to be good?”, “how to get success?”, “How to enjoy the life?”etc.. innumerably . It is very easy to said than done. But if we observe successful people’s and great leader’s speeches or sayings or gyans all they finally tell these kind of quotes and attribute their achievements to the successful implementation of these quotes.

We all concedes that, what they are telling is absolutely true but most of us people find them practically difficult to implement. Yes, there is nothing wrong in that. They are difficult. I have done a small research on how can we practically understood and easily implement these simple & intellectual quotes and achieve our goals. I found the answer in “Behavioural Neuro science” and the answer is MIRROR NEURONS.

Italian neuroscientists found them accidentally.Actually, Our brain is combined with some neurons that mimic, or mirror, what another being does. For instance, before we laugh, some neurons will be triggered in our mind and makes us to laugh. Also the same neurons will trigger in our brain if we see any person laughs and prompts us to laugh. This type of neurons are called as MIRROR NEURONS. If we see other’s emotions through their actions, our mirror neurons reproduce these emotions in us. That means through your actions you can navigate to other persons mind and control it. If your actions are positive and good, then you can invoke positive and good emotions in others.

If you see an action practically it can prompt you to mirror those deeds and feelings. If you are looking for inspiration if you see any leader’s emotions and actions, that will trigger MIRROR NEURONS which will prompt you to feel like them. So if you read any quotes try to concentrate on the verb in that sentence and try to imagine or see that verb practically. For example you have to prepare for an exam and you read a quote called ““Be sincere and work hard towards all of your goals”. If we simply understood the language then it is useless, it will not help you. But if you talk with “a person who achieved his goal with sincerity and hard work” or “if you see a video of an obese man of age 40+ ,who was successful in reducing his weight form 150Kg to 70Kg with desperate hard work” or “talking with a slum dweller who made to IIM-AHMADABAD by sheer hard work and persistence” then ,the mirror neurons will trigger in your mind and prompt you to do the hard work with sincerity what you read in the quote .

Do a simple experiment of your own. Give a negative feedback to your team member or to your sub-ordinate or to your colleague with positive signals like smiles and deliver a positive feedback to another person critically, by frowns and narrowed eyes. The results will be the people to whom, you have given negative feedback with positive signals will feel better about themselves than the other category people. So, the delivery is more important than the message itself. Visualization is having more weightage than content. This is extremely important to the persons who are working in a team. If you want to become leader , get the things done in correct time and want to make people to become your fans take the help of MIRROR NEURONS and foster a positive mood in their brains. If you talk to other person with dirty face then MIRROR NEURONS will make other person to think & promt dirty. All we know this fact very well. If our man’agers’ talks with us , why most of us fell like to throw cow dung on his face. Don’t see anyone throwing cow dung, MIRROR NEURONS will definitely prompt you to throw cow dung on your boss.

If you wish to achieve anything, imagine the verb that you need to do to achieve or watch the people, who have done it (by directly or by video) or talk with the people who have achieved it and MIRROR NEURONS will do the rest of the things for you. We have to keep in mind that While seeing any useless things also we will definitely feel useless after seeing that.

Simply reading inspiring articles & quotes will not fetch you considerable benifit. Trigger your MIRROR NEURONS to achieve your goals and win in you life. Now I hope that you know, how to read a quote.

All the Best Achievers.

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