5 smart things for a team success


Inspiration is defined as “the  divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation”. But if we inspire anyone for our personnel goals even though the goals are ethical and divine in its nature like “to bring peace in Africa”, “to eliminate poverty in rural India” then that type of inspiration is not called as divine. Because it is not morally  justifiable  that inspiring and attracting someone into our path, who is having same goal but is interested in some other part.

if you want to inspire the people do that for the greater good of the people, not for your personal goals. The team which will be build by this principle will have rock bottom foundation and creates History. Finally the job satisfaction you get in working with this people is invaluable.



                            The best social relationship that can give eternal success with high productivity in any field is PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP. Maintaining professional relationship is an art of successful team  building and high-end job satisfaction. Do not try to strongly motivate anyone to take their personnel life decisions in view of your  Professional gains even though you are working for a greater cause. Because if the personal life disturbed because of your motivation that you have done, then you have to be guilty and the professional relationship will be dismayed.

Don’t try to motivate and reroute their decisions in issues like  “their personnel loans”, ” life partner decisions”  etc.. until and unless they consult you for your suggestion. One thing to remember ”professional conflicts can be  cleared out but it is very difficult to bring unison if the conflict is personal”. Make your professional relationship to reap your team’s personnel relationships, But don’t try to make their personal relationships to reap your professional goals .


                                        “Strength will come from passion but passion will not come from strength”. A person who identified his passion earlier to his strength is more likely to achieve success faster than the person who identified his strength  earlier to his passion. Because if we work  with passion, irrespective of the result we will work and enjoy the path. But if we work with the  strength,  appreciation and success will drive us.

To get the permanent  results out of the team identify their passion prior to their strength.


                              Other people will only change their way and believe your method if and only if you win their HEART. We have to accept other’s mistakes who is working passionately and try to observe his emotion in carrying the work. If we do so you will win the hearts.

In any formal meeting don’t try to dominate others by your logics and language. Allow  other person to speak. Because some people will have different reasons behind their idea from social benefits to the  environmental benefits which will give you long term growth.                      


                            If you want to really encourage your team members and desperate to improve them then first find their good deeds and give compliment, this will really make him to listen to you and elate his confidence. Now identify the bad and comment on it positively. Remember that  compliments will always has good words but comments will also has bad words. If you comment on your team member to make him fool and prove you are great among the teammates then your character will be seen little and you lose your respect , even though they smile at your comments. Bad words and Comments in your communication never bring you happiness and complete success.

If you are trying to improve other person by commenting he will never learn what you are trying to teach him and tries to move away from you. So approach your team member with a compliment to improve his productivity.

All your decisions by your mind should be tested and passes by your HEART. All your goals and thoughts may be WRIGHT but if your approach is WRONG you will not get true Success.

“If a strong team has to be built up and want a complete success then win other person’s heart  not their mind”.

Success is “ the number of lives you delighted not the number of lives you effected”

Success is “ the amount of passion you experienced not the pressure”

Success is “ confronting your goals  but not by compromising your dreams ”

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